Thunderclap: The Unofficial Guide to Running a Successful Campaign

Note: Due to the ending of the Thunderclap online service in July 2018, this ebook has been discontinued. This page will remain purely as a reference.

Are you interested in running a Thunderclap campaign?

Are in the middle of a campaign, and need some help finding more supporters?

If so, this guide is for you.


Hi, I’m Ethan Fox, and in late 2015, I ran a successful Thunderclap campaign to support one of my books. On the way, I learned a bunch of really useful stuff about how to get the most out of the Thunderclap service – what to do, what not-to-do, best practices & things to avoid.

This knowledge has been collected into this book, “Thunderclap: The Unofficial Guide to Running a Successful Campaign”, and includes:

  • Where to find more supporters!
  • What Thunderclap is, and why it is so useful
  • Things to consider before you start
  • Useful figures gained from my own experience
  • How to research effective campaigns and learn from their success
  • Tips to modify your social platform
  • Listing & reaching out to influencers
  • A step-by-step guide to each area of your Thunderclap page
  • How to run your campaign day-to-day
  • What to do when the end approaches
  • Staying calm!

Hit the ground running with down-to-earth, useful advice about putting together that successful campaign!

PLEASE NOTE: This book is not endorsed in any way by Thunderclap Inc., and is provided as friendly advice under “fair use”.

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