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This page is a short-form summary of all press-relevant information about Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Chapter II, as well as a source of press-friendly assets.

ITCH.IO, AUGUST 16th 2019 – Ethan Fox is releasing chapter 2 of the popular ongoing indie graphic adventure/visual novel hybrid videogame series, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle. This release features the second case in the overall story, named “Broken Wings”.

As in the first chapter, players play as Nina Aquila, the titular legal eagle; a defense attorney in the fictional setting of Fledge City, and must defend a client in court who has been wrongfully accused of a major crime.

The game is scheduled to be released on from Friday, August 16th 2019 at 8pm GMT at this URL:

Important facts about Legal Eagle’s first chapter:

Press Info:

Nina Aquila Legal Eagle is a visual novel with adventure game elements, that uses the a top-down view more reminiscent of a classic RPG in order to allow characters to “act” and produce scenes with directed pacing that mimic the feel of an anime show.

Chapter 2 picks up several weeks after Chapter 1. When a billionaire CEO is murdered, police arrest a young man who was found standing over the body. The murder took place at a local casino, and the CEO was the world-champion of a Yugioh-esque card game, Dragon Fantasy Arena. Nina reluctantly accepts the case, and has six days to investigate the community of anime-and-card-game fans at the championship event to save her client from a capital penalty.

The chapter plays out as a parody of “collect-and-battle” anime properties, such as Gundam Build Fighters and Yugioh.

The game includes…

  • Anime-theming, such as using/satirising anime tropes, as well as using meta-jokes and references; e.g. visually the city seems like it’s in Japan, but the localisation lampoons how this is “aggressively localised” to generic American setting
  • Court segments of a manner similar to those in the Ace Attorney franchise.
  • Investigation segments, where the player adventures around various city locations searching for clues, interviewing witnesses and taking part in chapter-specific mechanics (in this chapter, the user takes part in a Yugioh-esque card-game tournament).
  • Presskit-only info: This chapter introduces the wider story arc that will run through the subsequent chapters. It introduces Nina to “the game”; a power-struggle between the rich and powerful elements of Fledge City society for the soul of the city. This will be expanded upon as the story continues.

Key elements

  • Around 4 hours of gameplay
  • Aimed at adults, but not “adult-only” (i.e. light in tone, no overt sexual scenes or gratuitous violence, wholly SFW)
  • Chapter 2 is download-only for Windows platform (not HTML5) as its grander scale and expansive locations are too large for a web-game
  • The overworld of Fledge City, which the player must traverse between key locations, is pseudo-3D using a mode-7 style presentation
  • Play “Dragon Fantasy Arena”, a battle system that uses card-game theming, as part of solving the case. In game terms this is more like a puzzle game where the user must work out the best way to win each battle.
  • Bookended presentation, with an anime-esque “OP” opening sequence and ending sequence
  • Cutscenes and pacing similar in feel to an episodic anime
  • A wide cast of characters with their own motivations and backstories
  • Written by a successful indie author branching out into interactive storytelling
  • Created using RPG Maker MV, with extensive custom scripting and significant additional artwork and assets
  • 720p native resolution (scales to screen size)
  • Two battle modes – “Adventure Mode”, where the player character is invulnerable and can’t lose battles (aimed at users who like more kinetic novels or simply dislike gameplay challenges) and “Challenge Mode”, where the player can lose battles as well as win them

Narrative Blurb

Get ready to duel!

Several weeks have passed since the events of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, and Nina’s life is in turmoil after a costly defeat in court. Her confidence shattered, Nina holes up in her office until a visitor comes to the door – one who believes that only she can help him.

A murder has been committed at the High Flyers Casino. The victim? A celebrity player of a trading card game, “Dragon Fantasy Arena”, on the eve of the national tournament!

Who would commit murder over a children’s card game? And why?

Surrounded by hot-blooded heroes and dastardly cosplaying villains, Nina will need all her cunning if she’s to make the best of a bad draw… Or her client’s going to be sent to the graveyard!

Style Guide

Styled in text as
Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: Broken Wings
Styled visually as below:


The above image can also be considered a source of the colour palette used in the branding for this chapter.


  • Aquila Defense & Law – Nina’s business.
  • Dragon Fantasy – A fictional videogame that exists in the world of NALE. Made by Circlesoft. Broadly a mashup of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.
  • Dragon Fantasy Arena – A fictional trading-card game believed to be based upon the Dragon Fantasy videogames. Resembles several real-life games.
  • Fledge City – The location in which the game takes place.


Nina Aquila (player character)


Age: 24
Occupation: Defense Attorney for Aquila Defense & Law

Players take the role of Nina in this case, as she investigates the murder at the casino. Nina begins the story holed up in her office after a costly court defeat. She’s trying to decide how she’s going to continue when a person shows up at her door who needs her help.

Chad Hawke (NPC)


Age: 28
Occupation: City Prosecutor

Chad Hawke is Nina’s courtroom rival, and is well-known for winning his cases through careful adherence to court procedure.


The above images of Nina and Chad can be used; please do not flip Nina’s image laterally, as the eye-patch must always be over her right eye. Chad’s image may be flipped.

(MP4 files of these videos can be provided upon request)

Transparent logo image:

This logo is a transparent PNG and can be used on light or dark backdrops. It is also within the style guide to desaturate this logo and use a non-colour variant.


Players explore Fledge City to search for answers, via a mode-7 style overworld.
Stella Faraday, a key character, challenges her rival, Axel Raze, to a duel.
Nina meets with Terry Scrubb to ask if he wants her to represent him in court.
Nina and Dylan at the crime scene. The speaking character is Detective Randall Flatfoot.
Hold it! Nina stops the witness in their tracks.
Objection! Prosecutor Chad Hawke calls out in court.
Objection! Nina has found an inconsistency in the witness’s statement.
A typical card duel screenshot. The game is “Dragon Fantasy Arena”, a fictional trading card game. That little green guy’s called Buriko.
The attacks can be quite flashy.
Nina meets a mysterious stranger in a warehouse.
Not everyone is happy to be called to the witness stand!

Contact & Further Info

Ethan Fox can be contacted at authorethanfox[at]gmail[dot]com. Press enquiries are particularly welcome over the few weeks before/after release.

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