Ethan’s Fanfiction Policy

This page contains my policies concerning fanfiction and fan works based upon my original properties.

I like fanfiction, having grown up writing it myself, and the summary I would like fans to take away from this is that I embrace the fan community’s passion for creating fan works, but that should not be taken as renouncement of my rights over my intellectual property.

That being said, I ask that fans consider the following:

  • I consider the existence of fan works as flattering, and I permit fans to create them.
  • I ask that fans do not make attempts to sell their fan works for monetary gain, as I retain ownership of the rights to my characters & settings.
  • In all fan works, I ask that fans please add a disclaimer, stating that your work is a fan work, and is not endorsed directly by Ethan Fox.
  • Please do not send me fan works directly through private communication channels such as via email.
  • To avoid compromising my own work, I prefer not to read fan works created about my characters or settings. This is nothing personal; I would love to be able to read fan works as and when they’re written – it’s just to avoid situations where fan works could “bleed” into my actual work.
  • I may read works that are about “finished” or “closed” stories or settings, because at that point it ceases to be a problem.

Lastly, I ask that fans are considerate, where possible. I am willing to permit fans to create fan works; in return I ask you to remember that I retain the rights to the characters & settings of my books, and my embracing of fanfiction should not be considered (for legal/liability purposes) a renouncement of those rights.

This policy was written on the 29th of September 2018 and modified on the 25th of September 2019.

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